SWE Boston K-12 Outreach: Science Fair Volunteer Information

One goal of the SWE-Boston K-12 Outreach is to recognize girls who have made achievements in math and science. Receiving recognition from SWE encourages girls to continue their study in math and science and helps to expand their knowledge of the engineering opportunities available to them.

Judging the Science Fairs is a great way to act as a role model and to represent SWE in your community - It's easy and it's fun! SWE-Boston members, who have volunteered in the past, describe the event as both rewarding and fun.

To learn more about this year's science fairs and/or how to judge, please visit the Massachusetts State Science Fair (MSSF) website http://www.massscifair.com/

Region I - Western Massachusetts

Western Massachusetts Region I Science Fair
Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts
Friday, March 8, 2013
Chair: Kris Pearson
Telephone: (413) 448-9696
e-mail: PearsonKScience@gmail.com
website: www.mcla.edu/region1scifair

Region II - Central Massachusetts

Worcester Regional Science & Engineering Fair
Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester
Friday, March 8, 2013
Chair: Nancy Degon
Telephone: (508) 832-3440
e-mail: ngdegon@charter.net
website: www.wrsef.org

Region III - Southwestern Massachusetts

Rensselaer - BCC Region III Science & Engineering Fair
Bristol Community College, Fall River
Saturday, March 9, 2013
Chair: Dr. James Pelletier
Telephone: (508) 678-2811, x2200
Fax: (508) 675-2366
e-mail: jpelleti@bristol.mass.edu

Region IV - Northeastern Massachusetts

Massachusetts Region IV Science Fair
Somerville High School, Somerville
Saturday, March 9, 2013
Chair: Sebastian LaGambina
Tel: (617) 625-6600, x6285
e-mail: regionIVscifair@gmail.com
website: http://regionivscifair.org

Region V - Southeastern Massachusetts

South Shore Regional Science Fair
Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater
Saturday, March 9, 2013
Chair: Daniel T. Adams
Telephone: (508) 588-1993
e-mail: zjadajada@aol.com

Region VI - Boston

Boston Public Schools Regional Science Fair
Northeastern University, Boston
Saturday, March 2,2013
Chairs: Ruth O'Day
Telephone: (617) 635-8750
e-mail: rmoday@verizon.net

Massachusetts State High School Science & Engineering Fair

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Thursday, May 2nd - Saturday, May 4th
Massachusetts State Middle School Science & Engineering Fair

Worchester Technical High School, Worchester
Saturday, June 1st

Please contact the Region Chairs or Kim Dennis kim.dennis@mwra.state.ma.us, SWE Boston Science Fair Coordinator.